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Published by M'sitting on : 30/08/2019

Owners: 18 tips to find the house sitters that best suit you

4. Your apprehensions
Since you love your home and pets, it is very important that you choose the people who best fit your lifestyle.
To attract good house sitters, it is not necessary to embellish reality but to describe accurately the needs of your animals and the conditions of accommodation without omitting the negative points if any.

Key points to be addressed:


1. Your preference in terms of deadlines

If you like to plan a trip months in advance it is best to start looking for your house sitters right away.
Create your ad and publish it even if your trip is not yet planned in all its details.
You can specify dates approximate by insisting on the flexibility of these dates.
The advantage of planning your trip well in advance is that you have a wider choice of candidates to choose from.

2. Your mode of communication

2. Your mode of communication
When selecting house sitters, be sure to specify your expectations in terms of communication.
For example, you would like to receive regular news and pictures of your animals.
If this is the case, make sure that the candidates are able to do so.

3. Your personal preferences

Not to mention discrimination you may have profile preferences.
If so, when you create your ad, be sure to explain why you are looking for this or that house sitter.
For example, you prefer a couple because you have a large property and several animals.
On the other hand, your apartment is very small and can only accommodate one person.
You may also prefer a retired couple because of their greater availability.
This saves you and the candidates time.

4. Your apprehensions

You may be afraid to leave your personal belongings with strangers.
You can lock up your papers and documents or leave them with relatives.
Feel free to say and explain to house sitters everything you care about in the organization of your home.
Be aware that a very large majority of house sitters only think about satisfying you and making your animals happy.

5. The habits and routines of your animals

Your pets have their daily routines and little obsessions, so it is essential for you to find the right house sitters.
For this reason, do not hesitate to tell all the habits of your companions, to give the time of meals, outings and possible treatments.
Do not forget to specify the breeds, species and number of animals you wish to entrust.

6. The "defects" of your animals

Do not hide the defects and bad character traits of your animals and explain how you manage them yourself.
Also explain how the nights are spent:
Should we take the dog out? Are they afraid of the storm? Do they sleep in the room? Etc...
Mentioning the details and keeping house sitters well informed is important and will allow them to be prepared to deal with the different situations and act as you would without disrupting the lives of your animals.

7. Your expectations

7. Your expectations
Be specific about your domestic expectations:
Maintain house plants
Maintain the pool
Mowing the lawn
Taking care of the garden
Set the alarm before leaving, etc...
Don't ask house sitters to do what you don't usually do yourself.
If you only walk your dog for one day times a day, don't ask the house sitter to take it out more often.
Also, do not ask him to do any tasks in the house other than routine maintenance.
This attitude will make everyone happy!


Enhance your home well but be transparent by pointing out the disadvantages of your home.

8. Internet

Some house sitters can work online or simply be Internet enthusiasts so if you have low speed, frequent outages or connection problems you should report it.

9. Comfort and equipment

Detail the comfort of your home in detail by praising the strengths while remaining objective.
Examples: if you are doing work, if you have just moved in, if you have defective equipment, you must specify this.

10. Special equipment

10. Special equipment
The equipment that is usual for you may not be for some house sitters.
Don't forget to mention them.
Examples: A wood heating system that requires daily work, the maintenance of a swimming pool, the use of an alarm system, etc...

11. Physical constraints

Explain the configuration of your house well because some house sitters may not have the necessary physical conditions.
Examples: your house may have one or more floors, you don't have a shower but a bathtub, the house is built at the bottom of a large lot, caring for your animals requires significant physical effort.

12. Cleanliness and disorder

If you are fussy about cleaning and order, explain it clearly so that you can find home sitters that suit you.
On the other hand, if you are a bohemian type and order is not your priority, indicate this as well.

13. The ambient air

If your house has humidity problems and there are moulds, you should report it because some people may have allergies that would trigger health problems. If house sitters are smokers and this is not a problem for you, make sure you set your conditions:
- Either you accept that they smoke indoors
- Either that's out of the question and they'll only have to smoke outside.



14. Conveniences in your neighbourhood

Clearly present your neighbourhood by specifying the distance from all shops necessary for daily life, restaurants, cinemas, etc...
Specify the public transport available nearby
Health centres (hospitals, pharmacies) and your veterinarian.

15. The noise

You are so used to some neighbourhood noises that you don't pay any attention to them but these noises can bother house sitters.
For example: the barking of a dog, the rooster that crows every morning, the church bells, noisy neighbours, etc...
Don't forget to mention anything that could turn out to be noise pollution for some people.

16. Safety and security

If you live in a country or city with possible security problems, explain to your house sitters all the dangers present in certain neighbourhoods.
Inform them about the places to avoid and conversely advise them about the places to visit.
If you have a video surveillance system in your home, mention it to avoid any misunderstanding.

17. Seasons and climate

When offering a stay in any season, be sure to specify the weather trend that house sitters should expect.
Examples: high temperatures, drought, storm, extreme cold, rainy season, etc...
You live in a tourist region and your departure falls during a busy period.
In this case, house sitters will benefit from all the services offered by the premises.
On the other hand, if you go into off-peak periods, explain that many businesses are closed and that there are practically no more activities.

18. Parasites and pests

Remember to treat your animals well against ticks and fleas because it is not very pleasant for a house sitter to be bitten by these bugs.
You live in a country or region where there are often cockroaches, scorpions, rats, snakes, do not hide it because some house sitters may fear all these animals and it can ruin their stay.


Know how to highlight what gives the exceptional aspect to your house and your animals.
However, stay honest and be careful not to embellish reality.
This is how you will find the right house sitters that meet your expectations and that this experience will be beneficial to all of you, your animals and your house sitters.
Owners: 18 tips to find the house sitters that best suit you
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