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Published by M'sitting on : 01/02/2020

Who are we?

We are Noëlle and Fernando, a French-Portuguese couple, fervent fans of house sitting
We are used to travel using this system and we love it.
For some time we have been looking for ideas to create an activity in a field related to the collaborative economy. Indeed, the opening to the world, cultural exchanges, sharing, the fight against waste, respect for the environment, are values we are very attached to.
When we remembered all the trips we have already made thanks to house sitting and while we were thinking about the next ones to do, we often said to ourselves « What if we created our own house sitting website! »
The idea matured and we finally decided to take up the challenge of creating our own house sitting website.
The challenge was launched!

Having tested several house sitting sites in the past years, we realized that some of them had disadvantages and operating principles that didn't entirely suit us.
By creating our site, we have the possibility to define our own rules of operation.
For example, we are the only multilingual house sitting site available in French, English, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish.
Our site is a platform for international networking.
We provide all the tools allowing owners and house sitters to create a detailed and complete profile very simply, a secure messaging system so that they can communicate freely with each other and without any intermediary.

This exchange of free services allows owners to entrust their houses and pets to house sitters.
This will allow them to leave with peace of mind knowing their home is secure and well maintained.
The animals will not experience the stress of a change of environment.
On their side, the house sitters will not have to plan any accommodation costs.
Thanks to this principle, both can discover new countries, new cultures and make new acquaintances.

Our website is up and running since April 2019. It has already allowed many registered house sitters to keep properties and pets. Registered owners have also been able to leave the house with peace of mind.
On our side, in 2019 we had the opportunity to take care of a lovely doggie in a property in Piolenc in the Vaucluse region of France. We were lucky enough to be entrusted with a beautiful apartment in Porto, Portugal.
More and more websites are promoting the collaborative economy, so it was essential for us to participate in this phenomenon.
Creating a house sitting website corresponds to our values of sharing, exchanging and consuming more intelligently.

We are happy to allow more people to enjoy all the benefits of this concept.
We are very proud to have succeeded in creating such a platform to facilitate exchanges and international links and we are expecting more and more of you to join us.Noëlle and Fernando RIBEIRO founders of M'sitting
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