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International platform for free house sitting

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piggy-bank Unlike paid house sitting sites and agencies, M'sitting is a platform for connecting owners and house sitters who do each other a service without any exchange of money.
Pay only 19 euros to M'sitting for One year of subscription.
Why such an attractive price?
Unlike paid sites, M'sitting does not select candidates. Indeed, with M'sitting it is you and only you who choose the people who best meet your expectations. You are also the one who contacts them directly without any intermediary. M'sitting simply provides you with a list of owners and house sitters with verified profiles and you do the rest!

One year of subscription. - house

Why choose M'sitting

  • A quality offer at the unbeatable price of 19€/year (1,58€/month).
  • Real opinions from the members of M'sitting
  • Profiles verified with confidence indexes attributed by M'sitting according to the documents provided

How to proceed

  1. Sign up for free on M'sitting and complete the profile
  2. Search for homeowners or home sitters
  3. To connect with each other
  4. Get the stay tuned up
  5. Enjoying the holidays with peace of mind
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What is house sitting ?

House sitting is an exchange of services free of charge between individuals that involves some (house sitters) to monitor the housing of others (owners), absent for a few days or a few weeks.
The needs of houseowners can be multiple: securing the house, animals to keep, garden to maintain, etc...
Generally, house sitters must perform small tasks defined in advance with the owners: collecting mail, water the garden, take the dog out, etc. In exchange, house sitters benefit from free hosting.
Guests can leave with peace of mind, without fear of being robbed.
It is an unpaid activity that does not generate any financial transactions.
This activity is open to anyone interested in discovering other regions or other country by providing services to owners.
House sitting is gaining more and more followers. There are many reasons for this:
Advantages for owners:
The possibility of leaving their houses, animals and loved ones alone in good hands.
They save high security costs, avoid stress for their pets in the case of where they should be entrusted to a specialized institution.

House sitting explained in video

For example, a dog that finds itself in the middle of dozens of others in barking all day or a cat with his little habits.
Advantages for house sitters:
The possibility to discover new regions and countries at a lower cost and to stay in beautiful houses without having to pay rental fees. Click here to learn more about house sitting

Make sure you keep your house

Have your house or apartment and animals kept free of charge by House sitters are the ideal solution when you have to leave your house or want to go on holiday with peace of mind.

M'sitting allows you to find people to whom you entrust your house or your apartment during your holidays: They are house sitters.
House sitters are trustworthy people who will keep your belongings free of charge and take care of your animals, your plants, your garden while you are away.
In exchange they will enjoy the pleasure of discovering a new region or country without having to pay for accommodation.
Please note that unlike other sites, M'sitting only charges for the subscription regardless of the length of the stays you offer.
Examples of rates charged by house sitting sites that charge a fee:
  • 98 euros for a weekend
  • 290 euros for two weeks
  • 390 euros for one month

Can we trust them ?

M'sitting is a secure website, because to entrust your house to strangers, you really need to have confidence.
Each member has a confidence index that is displayed on their profile.
This index is more or less high depending on the number and quality of supporting documents provided to to prove its reliability:
Validated email address, telephone number, house address, blank criminal record extract (these documents are only visible to site moderators and administrators).
All new registrations and announcements are regularly reviewed manually by the moderators.
A secure messaging system allows you to contact, get to know each other, ask all the questions and give all the information you need and the necessary explanations.
All the tips to find the right house sitters

And in case of an incident?

In the event of a problem, the compulsory civil liability insurance is engaged. faq-questions-home sitting

House Sitting Contract

In order to avoid any misunderstanding between owners and house sitters, we advise you to draw up a Loan Agreement for use.
The model we propose to you is inspired by the Contract of loan for use (Articles 1875 and following of the French Civil Code). House Sitting Contract

Become a house sitter

If you want to have a nice and cheap holiday, become a house sitter.

Keeping a house or apartment while its owners are away is an excellent solution for going on holiday at low cost and in a friendly spirit.
If you like to discover new regions and other countries and are a friend of animals, careful, respectful and trustworthy, becoming a house sitter is the right solution for you.
By becoming a house sitter you will keep houses or apartments that owners have entrusted to you on a voluntary basis and in return you will not have to pay any hosting fees.
Thanks to house sitting, you will have the opportunity to discover places you would never have been able to go. In exchange for the custody of the house and possibly animals, the accommodation will be free for you whatever the time of the year, the destination as well as the standing of the accommodation. This will allow you to make the most of your holiday without having to deprive yourself.
Do you dream of discovering Spain, Italy or Portugal or simply escape for a short week in the heart of Paris, or London ?
Keeping houses or apartments allows you to stay in places that you would not have access to on traditional routes.
Tips for choosing the right destination
The considerable savings in accommodation costs changes everything in the budget of a trip and allows house sitters to travel further and longer.
If you are tempted by the experience, all you have to do is take the plunge !

Supporting documents

In order to have a good confidence index all members must provide the following documents:
  • Identity document
  • Proof of address
  • Extract of criminal record
A moderator will check and validate or not these documents within 24 hours.

Support 7/7 by email

If you have any questions or for any problem you can reach us by email at:
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