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Published by M'sitting on : 24/02/2020

Why have your cat guarded by house sitters?

Cat lying on his couch
First revered by the Egyptians, the cat was demonized in Europe in the Middle Ages. It only regained its letters of nobility in the eighteenth century.
In Asia the cat is synonymous with luck, wealth or longevity.
In France the cat is the favorite pet of homes.
If you are a fan of felines, it can be a problem when you want to be away from home for a longer or shorter period of time.
Travelling with a cat can be problematic and not always obvious. Taking a plane or any other means of transportation, going to a hotel can be a lost cause.
If you don't have friends or family to entrust your pet to, house sitting will solve all your pet care problems.
For the respect and well-being of your cat, it is important to remember that it is a living being and has specific needs that must be respected.

The education

The first step in raising a cat is to learn how to keep it clean. Even if it is acquired very early in the cat's life, there are some very important rules to respect:
His crate must be in a quiet place that is not very transient.
The litter box must be changed regularly and always remain very clean.
It is preferable to always have the same litter box because cats do not like changes.
Educating a cat also means teaching him not to scratch the walls or cling to the curtains. At the slightest deviation on his part, you must let him know your displeasure with a strong and clear NO. Your cat understands that you are reprimanding him and will stop by himself.
After a few interventions, he will understand that this action is forbidden because contrary to popular belief it is possible to train a cat... with a little patience.
The house sitters who will take care of your cat during your absence, will be able to follow your explanations and make sure that your cat's « toilets » are always impeccable.
On your recommendations, they will continue to apply the same rules as you do so that your cat retains the education that you have instilled in him.
Perched Cat

The game

If the cat plays it is mainly to satisfy his hunting instinct and his social need.
If he lives in an apartment, the cat needs activity, so play has an important place in his life.
It will be necessary to create occupations, games, mobiles, cat tree, hidden kibbles.
A cat that has regular access to the outside, still needs to play with its master. It is therefore important to stimulate him with toys as you would a house cat.
Playing is also a way to exercise. 10 to 20 minutes of play a day is enough to stimulate him physically and mentally. This strengthens your bonds, your complicity and the confidence he has in you. Cats love to play in the evening before bedtime, which is when they are most active.
House sitters will be happy to play with your cat, it will also allow them to establish contact with him. It will be a good way to get to know your cat and discover his character. Playing with the house sitters will take the cat away from the anxiety and anguish he may have while you are away.

The Territory

The cat is above all a territorial animal, i.e. its well-being depends on a territory where it feels good.
The cat has several ways of marking its territory, but all of them call for an olfactory signature. The purpose of marking territory is to signal its presence.
The cat may rub its head against an object or person to deposit odorous substances. A cat that rubs its legs on your legs is not just cuddling, it's telling other cats that you belong to it.
The olfactory marking ensures its organization. He is reassured, secure and can let himself go freely to his favourite occupations.
The cat's environment should therefore not be changed too frequently, to avoid any disturbance that could have negative effects and be detrimental to his health.
Thanks to house sitting your cat will be able to stay at home in his familiar environment, where all his smells and landmarks are present.
Whether it is an indoor cat or whether it goes outside, its territory will not change since house sitters will keep it in your home.
Cuddly cat

The food

Cats need a balanced diet that is sufficient in quantity. The cat is a nibbler that will eat small quantities of food, 10 times a day on average and this spread over the day and night.
The most suitable and simplest, is to leave croquettes in self-service. Most cats regulate the amount of food they eat on their own.
Cats are very clean and sensitive to smells, so you should wash their bowls regularly and not put them near their litter box.
Its food must be renewed every day, cans and pâtés served at room temperature.
Fresh water must be available at all times and changed several times a day.
Cats need to purge themselves. To do so, the cat who lives in an apartment, must have fresh green « catnip » available. If he goes outside, he will find the right grass himself.
An inadequate pace of food distribution is the main cause of anxiety for the cat.
If your cat is left alone for too long, the food distribution pattern will change, causing anxiety.
If you use house sitters, they will continue to feed your cat as usual.
If there is no change in the way she eats on a daily basis, your cat will be more comfortable with you not being around.

Disease prevention

Treatments against internal and external parasites are essential. Deworming should be done 3 to 4 times a year. Flea treatments must be applied all year round.
The cat spends a lot of time licking himself, this behavior is normal, but makes him swallow a lot of hair. A weekly brushing will help the cat to lose its dead hairs and avoid the formation of hairballs.
If it's time to deworm or give your cat flea treatment while you're away, house sitters will administer these medications.
Your cat will be happy to be brushed by the house sitters, as you usually do.
Stretching and yawning cat


Cats have the reputation of being solitary, independent, even distant animals.
Just like humans, cats have very different characters. Some are more cuddly than others.
They can be affectionate, tender and gentle when they feel like it.
The cat is not an object; you must give it the place it deserves in your life. The more positive attention you give to your cat, the more he will feel comfortable around you.
Do not disturb him while he sleeps, plays or eats. Let him come to you because he does not like to be bothered if he is doing something else.
However, if he starts meowing and rubbing up against you, he is ready for a hug.
Learn how to pet him. Cats generally love to be petted or scratched on the head and blanks. Once the cat seems calm and happy, you can give him a hug. If he doesn't seem to like it, don't insist.
You can let him fall asleep next to you while you take a nap.
Playing with him is also important to encourage him to become more affectionate with you.
Cats like to be stroked, rub themselves against their master's legs and greet them by touching them with their muzzle. All these gestures result in a contact that cats use to communicate.
If he lays his ears down, wags his tail, stops purring, you must stop stroking him.
So pay attention to these signals.
The house sitters you'll call upon are cat lovers. By telling them about your cat's character and cuddling needs, they will respect her emotional well-being.


When you own a cat, it's not easy to get it to leave the house.
It is an animal that likes to have its usual territory.
Sometimes, the simple act of moving furniture and adding new objects can disturb the cat, which is an animal full of habits.
So imagine the stress he feels if you take him on a trip with you!
Holidays are of no interest to him, you should not feel guilty about not taking him along, he will be much happier staying at home, in his environment.
The solution that will make your cat happier is to use house sitters who will keep him whatever the length of your absence. His daily life will not be disrupted. The house sitters will take care of him with as much love as if he were their own.
Of course, you will not have to pay any custody fees, the house sitters will enjoy your residence.
Your cat will keep his habits and will not feel abandoned.
It's a win-win situation for everyone.
Cat sleeping on the shoulder
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