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Published by M'sitting on : 16/12/2019

12 reasons to have your house and pets guarded by house sitters

Happy cat who stays at home
House sitting is a concept that is developing more and more. You welcome guards called house sitters in your home. This gives you the possibility to have your house and pets looked after for free.

Here are a few reasons to try this experience, house sitting will allow you to :

1) Ensuring the well-being of your animals

Going on holiday with the impossibility of taking your pet with you is very problematic.
It is one of the big advantages of house sitting to be able to entrust your companion to someone you trust, while leaving him in his familiar environment.
Your pet will be much less stressed, less disturbed, he will have all his bearings by staying at home, he will be less upset in his habits.
House sitters are people who love animals, so they will know how to take care of him and pamper him.
Dogs, cats and chickens are the animals that house sitters have to keep most often.

2) Securing your home

You want to go on holiday but are anxious about leaving your house unoccupied.
Indeed, it has been proven that burglaries are more frequent when the owners are absent.
Lights on, shutters open and closed, mail raised, garbage cans in and out, lawn mowed are all signs of occupancy of a house that deter burglars.

3) Avoiding disasters

Unfortunately, it is often during your absence that disasters occur.
A power failure that can cause your freezer to shut down and then all the contents are lost, the alarm is turned off and your home is no longer protected.
Water damage with all the consequences that entails.
By having house sitters at home, all these disasters can be avoided because they will act immediately.
Another good reason to be more serene during your trip.

4) Make significant savings

If you are leaving for a very short period of time, you can board your pet or have it looked after by pet-sitters.
On the other hand, if you leave for a longer period or more frequently, the cost of looking after your pet will quickly reach astronomical amounts
It can be a brake on your desire to travel.
The house sitting will allow you to leave as much as you wish with no expenses to make for the care of your pet.

5) Maintain your home

Inside your home, the house sitters will respect the same criteria of cleanliness as you do. The cleaning and maintenance of the sanitary facilities will be done as you usually do.
If you leave at a time when heating is necessary, a constant temperature will avoid humidity problems that could occur in an improperly heated house.
Your house will be aired every day.
An inhabited house is much better than an unoccupied house.

6) Maintain your garden

The garden maintained by the house sitters during your absence, will avoid many inconveniences on your return.
What a chore to have to mow, cut the dried flowers, pick up the leaves when you come back from holidays !
Thanks to house sitting, you will no longer have all these inconveniences because the house sitter will have taken care of all this maintenance during your absence.
Preparation of luggage

7) Stop wasting

Often when you are gardening, it is during your absence that the cultivated vegetables reach maturity.
Fruit trees can also be full of fruit and you won't be there to pick it.
If you welcome house sitters in your home, they will be happy to harvest them, to eat them. They can possibly put some fruits and vegetables in the freezer. This will avoid a huge waste.

8) Leave with peace of mind

When you go on a trip, there are many things to worry about.
You're always wondering if everything's okay at home, if your pets are adapting well where you left them.
Since you know your house is occupied, you're not thinking about burglaries.
You can check up on your pet as much as you like.
By using house sitters, you will be able to really disconnect and enjoy your stay with peace of mind and without any worries.

9) Simplify your departure

When you go on holiday, no matter how long you are away, you must empty your refrigerator, turn off the gas and water, unplug all appliances that may be affected by the storm.
You have to close all the shutters and walk around the property to check everything.
If you have pets that you cannot take with you, you will have to give them to a boarding house or a host family that is not necessarily close to your home.
By welcoming the house sitters the day before your departure, you will only have to prepare your suitcases.
Ripe garden strawberries

10) Simplify your return

When you come back from a trip, there are different chores to do :
Open all the shutters, turn the house back on (water, gas...).
Shopping to fill up the fridge.
After prior agreement, the house sitters can take care of it and prepare a good meal for you to eat with them.
This convivial moment will be an opportunity to take stock of what happened during your absence, to tell your adventures.

11) Make people happy

Some people can't afford to pay for a seasonal rental and rarely go on holiday. By entrusting your house to them through house sitting, you allow them to enjoy your region whether it is in the mountains, the sea, the countryside or the city.
Having fun while having fun is one of the principles of house sitting. There is something for everyone, because house sitters are provided with free accommodation, and you can leave with peace of mind knowing your house and your pets are in good hands.

12) Make new friends

The house sitting allows you to make new acquaintances, create friendships in your region, your country or around the world.
It happens very often that house sitters and owners appreciate each other and continue to correspond after the first stay.
They become true friends, so it is an opportunity to learn new cultures, new languages.
Owners often renew their trust to their house sitters friends.
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