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Published by M'sitting on : 15/02/2020

Why have your dog guarded by house sitters?

Australian Shepherd Dog
According to a global study conducted in 22 countries, nearly 60% of the world's inhabitants live with at least one pet. In general, their preference is for dogs.
Dogs are particularly popular in South America.
If you yourself have a dog, this can sometimes be a constraint when travelling or on business.
Flying with a pet is not always easy, some hotels do not accept dogs, in many countries the sanitary rules are quite strict...
Not everyone has friends or family ready to take care of the dog.
To overcome all these problems, house sitting is the solution that proves to be the most adapted.
By having your dog looked after by house sitters, his very specific needs will be respected.

His vital needs

Food and water

Depending on the age, weight and activity of the dog, the ration must be adapted to guarantee the vital elements for his body.
Water must never be lacking, it must be clean and changed every day.
As you will have explained to them, the house sitters will give the daily ration of croquettes or other food adapted to your dog according to his weight, his size and his activity. They will also make sure he always has fresh water.
Dog playing ball

Eliminate and relieve oneself

He must be able to empty his bladder and intestines, it is obvious that leaving his dog alone for more than 8 hours is very risky. Physiologically, his body must evacuate the waste. It is therefore quite logical that you will have surprises when you return home after too long an absence.
The house sitters who will take care of your pet will therefore be obliged to take him out regularly as you do. They will never be away for very long, unless they are visiting the area and taking your dog with them.

The sleeping

A dog needs quality rest to relax his body. His resting place must be quiet, with no awkward passages that would make him stay on guard. A dog should not be disturbed while sleeping.
By staying at home, guarded by house sitters, your dog's sleeping area will always be the same. He will be able to sleep peacefully as usual.

His needs for fulfilment

The dog is a social animal. To thrive, he needs to meet other dogs and live with humans.
Dog biting a toy

With congeners

Dogs should be left free to meet, sniff, play and communicate. So you have to take them out even if you have a field in which they can romp around.
At your request, if you are in the habit of doing so, the house sitters will be able to take your dog out once or several times a day, take him for a walk as you would do yourself.

With humans

Spending moments together in tenderness, education and play, is a source of mental stimulation for your companion. It is necessary to take him with you, to share good moments with him. Dogs need to live with their family, knowing how to communicate with their dog is very important.
The more we understand him, the greater the complicity and mutual trust.
House sitters who offer to keep dogs are people who love them. They will know how to pamper your dog and take care of him happily as if he were their own.
Your pet will not suffer from any emotional deprivation and your absence will be less disturbing for him.

Its activity needs

The dog needs on average 3 to 5 hours of activity per day. Each dog has different energy levels depending on its breed, age and health.
There are several categories of activity, here are a few examples:

Locomotor activity

Walking, jogging, running, jumping, swimming, digging, frisbee, agility...
Dog playing Frisbee

Intellectual activity

Games that consist in searching for objects. Dog training promotes the dog's intellectual development.

Vocal activity

Your dog may bark when he is afraid or if he is facing something he doesn't know, to get your attention.
He may bark if he is alone for too long.
This untimely barking, which is a natural behaviour in dogs, can be embarrassing for owners when the dog barks excessively.

Masticatory activity

Eating, chewing on bones, toys, pull cords is essential to prevent him from chewing on shoes or furniture.

House sitters should be chosen according to the breed of your dog.
If you have an energetic, large-sized dog that likes to run and exercise, select house sitters accordingly so that your dog's locomotor activity is respected. This is essential for him, especially if your absence is long enough.
Before you leave, explain all the games and training habits so that the dog remains obedient and continues to develop intellectually.
By using house sitters, the possible problem of barking that annoys the neighbours will be solved. Your dog will have less reason to bark if someone is with him to look after him.


While traveling may seem trivial to us, traveling by car or plane is a source of intense stress for dogs. They don't like changing their habits and losing their bearings.
Some dogs get motion sickness, so long trips are out of the question for them.
There are countries such as Australia, where quarantine is mandatory for dogs.
It can be from a few days to several months depending on the country.
House sitting is undoubtedly the best solution to keep your dog and avoid all these inconveniences. Your dog will remain in his familiar environment with people who will be very attentive to his well-being.
By not changing his habits, he will continue his little life as if you were there.
On your side, you will be able to fully enjoy your trip without worrying about your four-legged friend.
All the more reason to call upon house sitters, you will make substantial savings by not having to pay any daycare fees.
Dog lying next to his owner
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