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General conditions of use and sale

By registering on, you affirm that you have read and accepted all the conditions below. If you do not agree with if only one of these rules applies, you agree not to use or even visit this site. By using or visiting this site, you agree that cannot be held liable if a user does not comply with these terms and conditions terms of use. You also waive any claim from and its administrators.

Privacy Policy

Please read the terms of our Privacy Policy before using By using, you accept all these terms and guarantee that all the data you have provided is accurate.

Free registration

To register on you must be of age (at least 18 years of age). Checking the box before validating your registration commits you to your age and place of residence. To be registered on allows you to access features of the site that ordinary visitors do not have access to. You will be able to create your House sitter and Owner profiles, add photos and documents that will allow you to increase your trust index and communicate via an internal private messaging system with M'sitting. On a trial basis, you can contact and chat with 3 people of your choice free of charge as soon as your profile is completed and validated by M'sitting.

Rules of conduct

The registered member must: - Be honest and sincere in the information they provide in their profile and in the dialogue with other members. - Respect the privacy of other members and the confidentiality of exchanges. - Must not use to trade, sell services or goods. - Do not disturb the peace or deliberately break the law. - Refrain from harming other members, whether physical or moral. - Do not attempt to interfere with the proper functioning of this service. - Always be correct and courteous. - Not to make comments of a sexual, indecent, obscene, discriminatory, racist, provocative nature or whose sole purpose is to trigger controversial, defamatory or which may in any way damage an individual's reputation. - Refrain from using any means of connection to hide your true location and identity (VPN, Proxy...).

Your photos

By publishing a photo on the website, the member agrees to: - Publish real personal photos and not those of another individual. - Do not publish photos for which he does not have the copyright or use rights. For example: cartoons, celebrities, photos from a magazine or website. - Do not publish photos in which he appears with children without the consent of the persons legally responsible for these children. - Do not publish photos in which he appears with other adults without their consent. - Do not publish photos showing nudity (bare chest tolerated for men), or anything of a sexual, exhibitionist, provocative, indecent, obscene or inappropriate nature. - Do not publish photos displaying weapons or anything related to violence. In addition, reserves the right to delete, without notice, any photo that appears inappropriate.

Your responsibility as a member

You are responsible for the messages you send, the content of your profile, the photos you publish or any other information that you decide to transmit from or off the site. will under no circumstances be held responsible for your messages, photos or actions on and off the site.

Account deletion by

Failure to comply with any of the rules could result in the permanent deletion of your account. reserves the right to delete an account for any other reason not mentioned in these terms of use. also reserves the right to delete an account without any notice or justification. reserves the right to ignore any request for account reactivation. Any member who protests against the deletion of another member's account may also have their account deleted from the site. You agree that all your personal information and private messages will be permanently deleted. Finally, whether or not your account is deleted, you waive any claim from and its administrators.


Any user is invited to report to us (by clicking on the Report button) if he/she feels annoyed by anyone on the site and if he/she witnesses acts of a nature contrary to compliance with these terms of use. Moderators or administrators shall take into account all reports as soon as possible. Any person who contravenes these terms of use may, depending on the seriousness of the situation, be banned without notice or be informed that in the event of a repeat offence or refusal to comply with them, he/she will be banned from the site. Moderators or administrators may send a response to the user who made the report if they consider it necessary.


Any registered member may, as soon as he has at least one profile sufficiently completed and if he so wishes, subscribe for a fee on the Site, allowing him to have, for the duration of his subscription, all the functionalities available on M'sitting without any limit. Once your subscription period is over, you become a simple subscriber again if you do not renew your subscription. In order to avoid an interruption of the M'sitting service, M'sitting sends you a reminder by email a few days before the expiry of the current subscription.

Right of withdrawal:

You have a period of 14 calendar days from the payment of your subscription to exercise your right of withdrawal. To exercise your right of withdrawal, you must make a request to the M'sitting Service using the site's internal messaging system. This right will only be valid if you have not yet used any paid functionality (i.e., if you have not yet applied for or responded to advertisements from Owners or house sitters). The sums paid for the subscription will be refunded to the credit of the credit card you used for the initial payment as soon as possible, and in any event not later than 14 days after the date on which the right of retraction has been exercised. Depending on the specific conditions of the credit card used, as well as interbank delays, a re-credit can take between 5 and 30 days to appear on your bank statement.

Suspending your profile (standby mode) and deleting your account (unsubscribing)

You can suspend your profile or unsubscribe at any time and very easily by going to the Settings section and clicking on Suspend your profile or Delete your account. - If you suspend your profile during a subscription period you will not be able to benefit from the advantages to which you would be entitled because neither the duration nor the end date of your subscription changes. - If you delete your account, during a subscription period you will not be entitled to any refund

Guarantee does not guarantee that the site will be functional and accessible at all times. does not guarantee that this service will not contain any bursts, that there will be no power failure, server failure, network failure, slowdown, email problem or other. will not be liable if the site becomes unusable, data is lost, private messages are lost or a member leaves the site or is deleted for any reason. cannot guarantee that the terms of use of this site will be respected by all members.

Modification of the terms of use reserves the right to change these terms of use without notice. These modifications come into force as soon as they are put online on the site, without prejudice to the right of any registered member to delete his account. Failing this, the user is deemed to have accepted these modifications by continuing to use the site or its services. Users are therefore invited to consult the most recent online version of the site's terms of use.
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