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Loan for use contract
(Articles 1875 and following of the French Civil Code)

Between the undersigned:

House-Owner(s) hereinafter referred to as « The Lender »:

Mr and/or Mrs:

Address :

Telephone number:_______________________



House sitter(s) hereinafter referred to as « The Lessee » :

Mr and/or Mrs:

Address :

Telephone number:_______________________


The parties agree and agree as follows:

Article 1: Purpose of the contract

The Lender shall make available to the Lessee, free of charge, a dwelling whose address is:

during the period from
____________to the____________

Article 2: Lender's Obligations

The Lender undertakes to provide the Lessee with clean, comfortable accommodation that is not occupied by third parties for the duration of the contract.

The Lender undertakes to ensure a warm welcome to the Lessee in the accommodation by having taken care to prepare his bedroom and a dedicated storage space for his personal belongings.
The Lender undertakes to provide the food provisions, care products and any veterinary treatments necessary for the maintenance of the animals and to reimburse any restocking that may be necessary in the event of a break.

The Lender undertakes to reimburse all veterinary expenses incurred by the Lessee if the state of health of an animal so requires during his absence.

Article 3: Obligations of the Lessee

In exchange for free accommodation, the Lessee undertakes to occupy the loaned accommodation for the entire agreed period.

The Lessee undertakes to respect all instructions and provide the necessary care for the animals as specified by the Lender in an attached document signed by the parties.
The Lessee undertakes not to invite any third party to the Lender's property during his stay without the Lender's express consent.

The Lessee undertakes to return the property and the entire property in the condition in which it was entrusted to him.

The Lessee undertakes to inform the Lender of any problem occurring at his house or to his animals in his absence, in accordance with the terms defined by the Lender.

Article 4: Agreement between the parties

The Lender and the Lessee agree that:

A document listing the tasks to be performed by the Lessee according to the detailed instructions given by the Lender as well as all useful or essential telephone numbers and addresses in case of emergency has been drawn up and signed by the parties.

An inventory of fixtures suitable for house sitting is carried out on the first day and the last day of the stay.

The consumption of electricity, water, gas, Internet, etc... related to the occupation of the premises by the Lessee shall be the sole responsibility of the Lender unless otherwise agreed between the parties.

In the event that the Lessee takes charge of all or part of these consumptions, meter readings shall be taken before the Lender's departure.

The additional costs due to the use of the telephone or the Internet outside the fixed price will be assumed by the Lessee.

Any additional costs will be justified by an invoice issued by the service provider concerned.

The Lessee undertakes to immediately notify the Lender in the event of a claim occurring at the Lender's house.

Done in duplicate, the____________


The Lender (House-Owner)
The Lessee (house sitter)

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