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Articles and various tips about house sitting

House sitting is an exchange of free services between individuals. Housekeepers called house sitters undertake to watch over the owners' house or apartment and to pamper their pets while they are away on holiday. The owners can leave quietly knowing that their home will be maintained and secured and that their pets will be looked after. that their animals will remain in their usual environment, while saving a lot of money. If you wish to travel, discover new regions or countries once or several times per year, house sitting is a very good solution because you will never have to pay for accommodation.
Everything you need to know about House sitting
Choose the right house sitters to guard your house and take care of your pets. For this it is important to clearly explain your needs and those of your pets, and the housing conditions that you offer. Your preferences in terms of dates, means of communication, age of the house sitters, situation as a couple or single person, retired or not.
Owners: 18 tips to find the house sitters that best suit you
In order to have the maximum chance of being chosen by the owners, it is essential to follow all the advice explained in this article. The competition is very tough because there are more house sitters than owners. You will therefore have to do everything you can to stand out from the other house sitters.
House sitters: advice on how to be chosen
When you consult the offers of stays, take the time to study the description of the advertisement. An offer that might seem interesting at first glance will not necessarily suit you. There are many points to take into consideration: stay in an apartment or house, the climate, the environment, the type of animals to keep, etc...
House sitters: tips for choosing the right holiday destination
In some areas where rentals are out of price, especially during busy periods, young people are often forced to fall back on the campsite. For example, going to the French Riviera in July or August is very difficult for young people. Moreover, some activities popular with young people are extremely expensive...
House sitters: tips for young house sitters
House sitters who have a professional activity, cannot choose their holiday dates. Most often, they are obliged to take them in July or August and part of them during school holidays. It is at these times of the year that the price of rentals explodes because of the high rush.
Tips for non retired house sitters over 35 years old
Retired people are increasingly attracted to house sitting. They have no date constraints and have the possibility to leave whenever they want, but the budget for accommodation remains important. Thanks to house sitting, retired people have nothing to pay for accommodation and can therefore make the most of their holidays.
Tips for retired house sitters
A few recommendations adapted to the destination of your choice. They will help you avoid unpleasant situations that would spoil your holiday. By staying in good health, you will enjoy your stay to the full.
Health tips for house sitting
Having certain chronic illnesses is not a hindrance to travel. You will just need to take certain precautions to ensure that your trip goes smoothly.
Travelling with a chronic illness
You would like to go on holiday, but you can't take your pet with you. You don't know anyone in your circle of friends who would be available to take care of it. Luckily there are solutions to keep your pet...
You can't take your pet on vacation
Ensure the well-being of your pets, secure your home, avoid disasters, make significant savings, maintain your house, maintain your garden, stop wasting, leave with peace of mind, simplify your departure, simplify your return, please, make friends, are the 12 reasons to keep your house and your pets by house sitters.
12 reasons to have your house and pets guarded through house sitting
If you have a snake, it's pretty hard to keep it. Indeed, it is more complicated than if you had a dog or a cat, because many people have a lot of apprehension towards snakes and reptiles in general...
How to keep your reptile
If your horse lives in the meadow, on your property here are some solutions: Pension for horses, home guarding by a pet-sitter, exchange of services and of course house sitting.
Solutions to have your horse kept when you go on holiday
We are Noëlle and Fernando, the founders of M'sitting, we love to travel and go on holiday often. This is what made us want to do house sitting. A few years ago some friends who live in Montauban in the Tarn et Garonne in France asked us to come to their house to look after their dog while they were away. We accepted with pleasure to give them this service...
How we started doing house sitting
The home sitting, the best solution to have a dog kept free of charge by qualified home sitters respecting his needs and well-being in order to be able to go on holiday quietly and save money...
Have your dog guarded by house sitters
House sitting, the best solution to have your cat kept at home by house sitters free of charge so that he keeps his bearings, his habits, his needs are respected and his well-being assured while his masters are away...
Having your cat guarded by house sitters