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House sitter in Braine-le-Comte Hainaut Province Wallonia Belgium

Ness  18  Etudiante  
Braine-le-Comte, Hainaut Province, Wallonia, Belgium


TranslateJ'aime les voyages et les animaux. Je suis une personne sérieuse à qui on peut faire confiance.

Favorite animals

Dogs, Cats, Horses, Birds, fishes, farm animals,

Favorite destinations:

France, Belgium,

Spoken languages:

Gardening skills: YES

Preferred house sitting periods:

July, August,
Confidence index : 2/10

Documents provided

Proof of identity: NO
Proof of residence: NO
Criminal record extract: NO


Mayan mask
. The Mayans wore masks on some occasions for reasons that are still unknown. During battles, perhaps to impress the enemy? To protect against evil spirits? They also wore them to celebrate marriages, births and deaths...
Mayan Mask, Mexico
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