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Home sitter à Mont-de-Marsan Landes Nouvelle-Aquitaine France

Sandraa, Home sitter Mont-de-Marsan France
Contacter  Sandra
Sandra  38 ans Digital nomad  
Mont-de-Marsan, Landes, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France

Présentation :

My name is Sandra, I am 38 years old and come from France. I am a digital nomade, I can work from everywhere so I decided to see the world, learn about different culture and meeting new people. I am trustworthy and love animals and nature. Taking care of a home and animals instead of living at hotels is the best deal for me, I used to use airbnb, I don't really like hotels. It is a good way for saving money and for helping other, it is a win/win exchange and this way seem perfect to me. I rent an airbnb in february/march 2020 in Portugal in a big land off-grid, the owner needed to go to germany for 2 weeks, so she asked me if I could take care of her cats, her permaculture garden and of course I accepted. It was my first experience and I enjoyed, this is why I had the idea to continued on this way, she was truly happy when she came back and I was happy for helping. I am responsive, reliable and I learn quickly. I know how to take care of a garden, a house and animals.

Animaux préférés

chiens, chats, chevaux, oiseaux, rongeurs, poissons, animaux de la ferme,

Destinations favorites :

Australie, Brésil, Canada, Etats-unis, France, Belgique, Suisse, Italie, Espagne, Portugal, Royaume uni, Irlande, Maroc, Tunisie, Europe, Amérique du nord, Amérique du sud, Asie, Afrique, Océanie,

Langues parlées :

Français, Anglais, Portugais,
Compétences en jardinage : OUI

Périodes de home sitting préférées :

janvier, février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, aout, septembre, octobre, novembre, décembre,
Indice de confiance : 4/10

Documents fournis

Justificatif d'identité : OUI
Justificatif de domicile : NON
Extrait de casier judiciaire : NON


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