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Home sitter à Holbox Lazaro cardenas Quintana roo Mexique

Antonob7, Home sitter Holbox Mexico
Contacter  Antonela et Gaspar
Antonela  32 ans Comunicación social  et Gaspar 27 ans Técnico en Seguridad y medio ambiente   (Conjoint(e) / Partenaire)
Holbox, 77310, Lazaro cardenas, Quintana roo, Mexique

Présentation :

TraduireHola! My name is Antonela, im from Argentina but right now i - in Holbox, Mexico with my boufriend Gaspar. We was working in the Aeroport from Rosario but we leave it because our dream is traver for all possible places. Looking for possibilities find this site. I like a lot to find it!! Because we love the animals, especially dogs and cats. Before i didn't know that there is the possibility of being house sitter and we would like a lot to give us the opportunity! I have a dog in Argentina, name's Pipa, - with mi parents now. Gaspar have two dogs, Rocco and Quito, they leavs with her parents. The cat of the pictures is Antonia, the cat of my friend Evelyn. I protect her and your brothers cat Charlie and Timoteo when mi friend is not in home. Further, i can make house maintenance and Gaspar makes gardening. About me..i love sports, volleyball is my favorite. I like read, listen to music ande see films. Thanks so much for having taken the time to know about us. It is no easy to find with whom to leave your pet and your house. We are simple people and we can help each other. Thanks so much and good luck!! =)

Animaux préférés

chiens, chats, chevaux, oiseaux, rongeurs, poissons, reptiles, animaux de la ferme, NAC,

Destinations favorites :

Australie, Brésil, Canada, France, Belgique, Suisse, Italie, Espagne, Portugal, Royaume uni, Irlande, Maroc, Tunisie, Europe, Amérique du sud, Asie, Afrique, Océanie,

Langues parlées :

Anglais, Espagnol, Italien,
Compétences en jardinage : OUI

Périodes de home sitting préférées :

janvier, février, mars, avril, mai, juin, juillet, aout, septembre, octobre, novembre, décembre,
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Indice de confiance : 2/10

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Extrait de casier judiciaire : NON


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